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A Message from the AAS President on Charlottesville

Friday, August 25, 2017 - 10:49

Dear Colleagues,

I am certain that you, too, were amazed by the overwhelmingly positive impact of Monday’s eclipse on everyone who traveled to totality or simply went outside to witness the event for themselves. The juxtaposition between this unifying national moment of wonder about our universe and the hateful, violent, and ultimately deadly events in Charlottesville could not be more stark. I know that you stand with me in condemnation of any individuals or groups that espouse bigotry, racism, hatred, intolerance, and violence. There are not two sides to this issue. There is no room for equivocation.

As you know, the tragic events in Charlottesville struck our community in a close and direct way given all of our colleagues at the University of Virginia and the NRAO Headquarters. I know that we in the AAS community stand in solidarity with our members who are feeling particularly isolated or excluded during these trying times. The AAS will continue to seek ways to help ensure the safety and well being of everyone who seeks to pursue the practice of the astronomical sciences.

Christine Forman Jones

Christine Jones
AAS President
Harvard-Smithsonian, CfA