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The AAS Board of Trustees may elect any person who has rendered conspicuous service to astronomy other than through scientific contributions as a patron of the Society. Patrons may be elected posthumously.

The list of patrons elected since the Society was founded is provided below. It is presently incomplete; we are scouring the Society's historical documentation to look for any patrons we may have overlooked. If you know of any patron who is not on this list, please send an email with his or her name and year of election (if known) to


Patron Year of Election Reference
Irene Hansen Osterbrock 2011 AAS Newsletter, 2012 May-June, p. 3
Gladys Talmage Perkin* N/A AAS Obituary, 2002
Margaret Russell Edmundson* 1999 AAS Obituary, 1999
C. E. K. Mees* 1950 Popular Astronomy, 1951, Vol. 59, p. 62
Goethe Link* 1950 Popular Astronomy, 1950, Vol. 58, p. 315
Henry S. Hulbert* 1949 Popular Astronomy, 1949, Vol. 57, p. 50
George Russell Agassiz* 1949 Popular Astronomy, 1949, Vol. 57, p. 50
Michel S. Kovalenko* 1947 Popular Astronomy, 1947, Vol. 55, p. 401