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New Individual Membership

Individual memberships are available to those actively involved in astronomy or a related branch of science. Application for admission to the AAS requires nomination by two Full Members of the American Astronomical Society. [Note: Corporations and other entities desirous of encouraging the work of the Society should join as a Corporate Member.]

To join the Society:

  1. Read the eligibility requirements and choose the appropriate Membership Class.
  2. Complete the appropriate AAS Membership Form.
  3. Obtain nominating signatures from two AAS Full Members. These signatures are essential to becoming an AAS member. The nominating signatures can be made directly on the Membership Form or endorsements can be sent via email.
    1. If you prefer the electronic method, write the name and email address of the endorsers in Section #4 of your Membership Form.(Section #6 if you're applying for International Affiliate status.)
    2. Have the member(s) furnishing the recommendation send their electronic nomination to: Endorsers should specify his/her full name and indicate in the message that they are nominating you (your name must be stated) as an AAS Member. The person's email address will be used for signature verification.
  4. Submit the completed form with payment to the AAS Executive Office.

Once we receive your application and process your payment (typically a two-week process), your contact information is entered into our in-house database.