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The AAS has a surplus of books. We offer them to members on a first-come first-served basis. A flat shipping and handling fee of $10.00 per book applies. Discounted shipping may be available for bulk orders. Please fill out the book order form. Please contact us with any questions.


Qty. Title Edition Author
1 A Question & Answer Guide to Astronomy   Pierre-Yves Bely, Carol Christian, Jean-Rene Roy
2 Astronomy Hacks: Tips & tolls for Observing the Night   Robert Bruce Thompson & Barbara Fritchman Thompson
1 Astronomy the Evolving Universe 6th Michael Zeilik
2 Astronomy Today 6th Chaisson McMillan
1 Astronomy Today: Starry Night Pro Activities & Observation and Research Projects   Chaisson McMillan
2 College Physics 6th Wilson, Buffa & Lou
1 College Physics 8th Hugh Young, Robert Geller
2 College Physics A Strategic Approach   Randall D. Knight
2 College Physics Vol. 1 Student Workbook   Randall D. Knight, J. Andrews
2 College Physics Vol. 2 Student Workbook   Randall D. Knight, J. Andrews
3 Conceptual Physical Science 3rd P. Hewitt, J. Suchocki & L. Hewitt
1 Conceptual Physical Science 4th Paul Hewitt, J. Suchocki, L. Hewitt, S. Gasiorowicz, S. Thornton
1 Deep-Sky Companions: Southern Gems   Stephen James O'Meara
1 Destiny or Chance Revisted   Stuart Ross Taylor
2 Electromagnetism   G. Pollack, J. Suchocki, L. Hewitt
1 Elegance in Science: The beauty of Simplicity   Ian Glynn
1 Exploring the Solar System with Binoculars A Beginner's Guide to the Sun, Moon & Planets   Stephen James Omearas
1 Finding the Big Bang   P. James E. Peebles, Lyman A. Page, Jr and R. Bruce Partridge
1 Galileo's New Universe The Revolution in our Understanding of the Cosmos   Stephen Maran, Laurence Marschall
1 Graduate Research A Guide for Students in the Sciences 3rd Robert Smith
1 How Parliament Works 4th Paul Silk, Rhodri Walters
1 HST & Beyond: Exploration & the Search for Origins A Vision for Ultraviolet-Optical-Infrared Space Astronomy   Carnegie Observatories
1 Infinite Worlds: An Illustrated Voyage to Planets Beyond Our Sun   Ray Villard and Lynette R. Cook
1 Innovation in Astronomy Education   Jay M. Pasachoff, Rosa M. Ros and Naomi Pasachoff
2 Lecture - Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy 2nd Edward Prather, Timothy Slater, Jeffrey Adams, Gina Brissenden
1 Life in the Universe 2nd Bennett, Shostak
2 Life in the Universe: Activities Manual   Prather, Offerdahl, Slater
1 Lions Don't Need to Roar   D. A. Benton
1 Modern Supersymmetry Dynamics & Duality   John Terning
1 Next Generation Space Telescope: Visiting a Time when Galaxies were Young   NGST
1 Newtonian Studies   Alexandre Koyre
1 Night Vision: Exploring the Infrared Universe   Michael Rowan-Robinson
3 Nonclassical Physics Beyond Newton's View   Randy Harris
1 Observer's Handbook 2006   The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
1 Observing the Moon: The modern astronomer's guide 2nd; Antonino Zichichi, John Wheeler, Barbara Thompson
1 Observing the Night Sky with Binoculars   Stephen James O'Meara
1 On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research 2nd  
1 Origins How the Planets, Stars, Galaxies and the Universe Began   Stephen Eales
1 Pasteur's Quandrant Basic Scienc & Technological Innovation   Donald Stokes
1 Physics 3rd James Walker
1 Physics 6th Douglas Giancoli
2 Physics Concepts & Connections 4th Art Hobson
2 Physics for Scientist & Engineers   Randall D. Knight
2 Physics for Scientist & Engineers   Randall D. Knight
2 Physics for Scientist & Engineers: Student Workbooks 3rd Fishbane, Gasiorowicz & Thornton
1 Physics for Scientist & Engineers A Strategic Approach 2nd Randall D. Knight
1 Physics for Scientist & Engineers with modern Physics Vol. 1 4th Douglas Giancoli
1 Pidgin to Da Max 25th Anniversary Edition   Bess Press
1 Planets & Perceptions   William Sheehan
1 Progress in String Theory   Juan Maldacena
1 Re-Engineering the Corporation A Manifesto for Business Revolution   Michael Hammer, James Champy
1 Space 2000 Meeting the Challenge of a New Era   Harry Shipman
1 Stargazing Basics   Paul E. Kinzer
22 Strategies for Astro 101   Jeffrey P. Adams, Timothy F. Slater
1 The Cosmic Inquirers Modern Telescopes & Their Makers   Wallace Tucker, Karen Tucker
1 The Cosmic Microwave Background   Ruth Durrer
1 The Cosmic Perspective 3rd Jeffrey Bennett, Megan Donahue, Nicholas Schneider, Mark Voit
1 The Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals   Jeffrey Bennett, Megan Donahue, Nicholas Schneider, Mark Voit
1 The Dream of Space Flight: Essays on the Near Edge of Infinity   Wyn Wachhorst
2 The Essential Cosmic Perspective 5th Jeffrey Bennett, Megan Donahue, Nicholas Schneider, Mark Voit
1 The Living Universe   James Carter
1 The Monthly Sky Guide 8th Ian Ridpath, Wil Tirion
1 The Planetary System 3rd David Morrison and Tobias Owen
1 The Re-Engineering Revolution   Michael Hammer, Steven Stanton
1 The Weather Observer's Handbook   Stephen Burt
1 Theory and Problems of Modern Physics   Ronald Gautreau and William Savin
1 Your Cosmic Context: An Introduction to Modern Cosmology   Todd Duncan and Craig Tyler